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Do you feel embarrassed about the state of your teeth? Are you worried about your children’s oral hygiene? Whether you are looking to maintain or change your smile, or are searching for a friendly family dentist, call our team to book your appointment today. Our friendly dentist will work with you to draw up a tailored treatment plan, using the latest dental techniques and treatments to provide you with effective, affordable dental care.

Dental check-ups

Looking after your teeth is important, and making regular appointments to see your dentist is one of the best ways to quickly identify, treat, and prevent dental problems. We will let you know how often you need to see us, based on your individual needs, to maintain the health of your teeth and help prevent costly dental treatment in the future.

Dental hygiene

Knowing how to maintain good dental hygiene is essential for protecting your teeth. Our dentists offer professional advice to all patients, from children to pensioners, including tips on diet and brushing your teeth effectively. 

Crowns, bridges and implants

If you’re suffering from missing or damaged teeth, our experienced dentists also offer crowns, bridges and implants. Furthermore, because we only use high-quality products throughout our clinic, you can be confident that your treatment will last. 

Professional teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry

Over time, food and drink can stain teeth, causing them to look dull and discoloured.  So why not bring back your smile with our safe and professional whitening treatment?

Unlike some home treatments, our teeth whitening service is safe and quick, and gives amazing results. 

For a complete range of affordable, high-quality dentistry services in Castle Hill,
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